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List of Documents Required for Admission in IGNOU MLIS (UPDATED)

[ad_1] Documents Required for IGNOU MLIS Admission – Find out the complete list of required documents at the time of taking admission to IGNOU. New students who want to take admitted to IGNOU University have to submit the required documents while submitting the online registration form to IGNOU. Documents are needed for Verification of Age,Read more

IGNOU Exam Form Dec 2022 – Check Fee, Last Date, Late Fees

[ad_1] IGNOU Exam Form 2022 (December) – The university has officially started the submission of the IGNOU Online Exam Form for the Term End Exam session December 2022. If you want to appear in the IGNOU upcoming TEE then fill up your Online Exam Form now of your selected program to become eligible to appearRead more

IGNOU Exam Centre Change Form Dec 2022 TEE

[ad_1] IGNOU Exam Centre Change Request Online – Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) TEE dates for Dec 2022 will be out soon and students have to filled up the examination form to appear in the exams. Along with filling up the examination form, the students also can avail the facility of changing their examRead more

Important Questions of BLIE 226

Important Questions of IGNOU BLIE 226: Management of Library and Information Centre Important Questions Of BLIE 226 BLIE-226 : Management of Library and Information Centre Important Questions 1. What are the changes which have occurred in libraries in the recent past? Explain how thesechanges can be managed.2. Define ‘management’ and identify its characteristics.3. Browne chargingRead more

Some important Questions of BLI 224


Some important Questions of BLI 224: ICT FUNDAMENTALS Some important Theory and Practical Questions of BLI-224:  ICT FUNDAMENTALS ____________________________________________ 1. Describe the major components of a computer.    2. Discuss the goals and objectives of convergence in the context of NEIS.    3. Discuss the application modules in Libre Office.    4. Explain the routingRead more

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