MLII-103 Solved Assignment 2021-22 English

MLII-103: Fundamentals of Information Communication Technologies

Tutor Marked Assignment

Course Code:MLII-103

Coverage: Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul. 2021-Jan. 2022

Units:1-14 Total Marks: 50

Note: Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks.

1.1 What is programming ? Describe the steps of program development life cycle. (10)


1.2 Briefly discuss the categories of optical media and their features.

2.1 Explain the concept of ISDN. Discuss the factors responsible for the developments towards ISDN. (10)


2.2 Depending on the energy form and the medium used , four types of modern communication systems are

prevalent.” Enumerate the types and explain the functioning of any two of them.

3.1 Explain ISO – OSI reference model with the help of a diagram. (10)


3.2 Discuss goals and objectives of convergence technology.

4.1 Discuss the role played by library and information networks in information communication and their need

in a country like India. Highlight the functions of INFLIBNET. (10)


4.2 ‘The basic purpose of a library network is to share resources and services amongst member libraries’

. Discuss the role of OCLC in this context..

5.0 Write short notes on any two of the following: (10)

a) Access convergence

b) Silk screen printing

c) Client-Server Architecture

d) Copyright

e) Electronic Document Delivery Service






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