MLIS PDF project/dissertation work handbook (MLIP-002)


This is a book of MLIS MLIP 002 Showing how to make Projects/Synopsis and all guidelines related to the MLIP 002 Course of MLIS. Download it for free.


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Page No.

1.0 Introduction 5

2.0 General Guidelines 5

2.1 Objectives 5

2.2 Types of Project/Dissertation Work 5

3.0 Proposal Formulation and Submission 6

3.1 Proposal Formulation 6

3.2 Qualifications of Supervisor/Guide 6

3.3 Project Proposal Submission and Approval 6

3.4 Communication of Approval 6

3.5 Resubmission of Project Proposal 7

4.0 Project Report/Dissertation Work 7

4.1 Structure 7

4.2. Physical Format 8

4.3 Submission of Project Report/Dissertation 8

4.4 Evaluation of Project Report/Dissertation 9

4.5 Resubmission of Project Report/Dissertation 9

4.6 Exemption from Project Report/Dissertation Work 9

4.7 Date of Submission 9

5.0 List of Probable Areas for Project/Dissertation Work 10

6.0 Points to Remember 10

Appendix I: List of Areas for Project/Dissertation Work 12

Appendix II: Proforma for Approval of Project Proposal (MLIP-002) 14

Appendix III : Consent Letter of Supervisor/Guide 15

Appendix IV: Certificate of Originality 16

Appendix V: Remuneration Bill for Guidance of Project/Dissertation Work 17



Masters Degree in Library and Information Science (MLIS) Programme comprises six core courses and

two elective courses. In addition to theoretical, practical and seminar components of these courses

(including electives), a student of MLIS Programme has to submit a Project/Dissertation (MLIP-002)

which is considered as a 4 Credits full Course (100 marks). The purpose of Project/Dissertation is to

provide an opportunity to the students to apply the knowledge they have acquired in course of their

study and to develop skills in the areas of various courses of this Programme.


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