How to write IGNOU BLIS MLIS Internship Report

IGNOU RC Srinagar BLIS MLIS Internship 2023

How to write IGNOU BLIS MLIS Internship Report, Full Procedure for Internship Report

Title Page

  • Description: Include the title of the internship report, your name, university details, and the duration of the internship.


  • Description: Express gratitude to those who assisted and supported you during the internship.

Table of Contents

  • Description: Provide a structured outline of the report with page numbers for each section.


  • Description: Briefly introduce the internship, including the institution, objectives, and your role.

Institution Profile

  • Description: Describe the host institution, including its history, mission, services, and organizational structure.

Internship Objectives

  • Description: Outline the primary goals and objectives you aimed to achieve during the internship.

Internship Activities

  • Description: Detail the tasks and activities you performed, categorized by different areas such as cataloging, user services, collection management, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • Description: Discuss the skills and knowledge you gained through the internship, including practical applications.

Challenges and Solutions

  • Description: Identify any challenges faced during the internship and the solutions you implemented to overcome them.

Technological Exposure

  • Description: Describe the digital tools and technologies you worked with and their impact on your learning.

Community Engagement

  • Description: Highlight any involvement in community outreach programs and their significance.

Research Projects (MLIS Specific)

  • Description: Summarize any research activities or projects you participated in and their outcomes. This section is especially relevant for MLIS students who are expected to engage in more advanced research projects.

Professional Networking

  • Description: Reflect on the professional connections made and their potential impact on your career.

Feedback and Recommendations

  • Description: Provide constructive feedback on the internship program and suggest improvements.


  • Description: Summarize your overall experience, key takeaways, and the internship’s value to your career development.


  • Description: Include any supplementary materials, such as charts, graphs, or additional documentation relevant to your internship.

Workbook Attendance

  • Description: Include a detailed record of your attendance during the internship, with dates and hours worked.

Daily Log/Diary

  • Description: Maintain a daily log or diary of your activities, experiences, and reflections throughout the internship.

Supervisor Evaluation

  • Description: Include an evaluation form or letter from your supervisor, assessing your performance during the internship.

Internship Certificate

  • Description: Attach the certificate of completion provided by the host institution at the end of your internship.

By following this structured procedure, both BLIS and MLIS students can create a comprehensive and well-documented internship report that reflects their experiences and learning during their internships.

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