Important Questions of BLIE 226

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Important Questions of IGNOU BLIE 226: Management of Library and Information Centre

Important Questions Of BLIE 226

BLIE-226 : Management of Library and Information Centre Important Questions

1. What are the changes which have occurred in libraries in the recent past? Explain how these
changes can be managed.
2. Define ‘management’ and identify its characteristics.
3. Browne charging system.
4. Digital preservation
5. Explain the routines of classification process in libraries and information centres.
6. What are the various methods of preparing the library budget? Explain the features of
zerobased budgeting.
7. Maslow’s Theory of hierarchy of needs
8. Sources of finance for libraries.
9. Binding of periodicals.
10. Principles of library expenditure
11. Define ‘Total Quality Management’. Explain how TQM can be implemented in libraries and
information centres.
12. What do you understand by financial management? List its components. Discuss the
principles that govern financial management in libraries.
13. Modern scientific management.
14. Merits and demerits of participative management.
15. Space needs of a library building.
16. Elaborate internal and external causes for deterioration of print documents in libraries.
17. Describe security system neccessary for libraries.
18. Discuss tenability of fee-based services in libraries,
19. Describe the Hawthorne studies.
20. Evaluate different levels of management and the managerial skills required.
21. Explain the concept and need of quality.


10 MARKS -500 words
1. Explain Fayol’s principles and Taylor principles
2. Describe in brief the procedure of acquisition of serials.
3. Explain different kinds of binding and different materials used for binding.
4. Discuss three important human behavior theories/studies.
5. Discuss in detail external causes of deterioration of library material
6. Describe various functions of library circulation system. Do you find any difference in
performing these functions in Browne and Newark charging systems?
7. Mention ten management techniques you have learnt and discuss how they can be applied in
libraries and what purposes they serve.
8. Explain reasons for resistance of employees to change. How to categories and deal with
employee-resistance to change?
9. Discuss the different charging and discharging systems generally followed in a library.
10. Discuss the points to be considered while planning and designing a library building
11. Explain advantages and disadvantages of ‘library stock verification’. What precautionary
measures do you suggest to prevent loss of documents in libraries?

1. Levels of management skills
2. Quality circles
3. Changing role of a librarian
4. Explain directive principles and key elements of HRD.
5. Shelving and shelf rectification.
6. Allocation and encumbering funds of a library.
7. Location/site selection for library
8. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
9. Loss of digital data
10. Types of budgeting
11. Browne charging system
12. Digital preservation
13. Causes of loss of digital data.

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