Some important Questions of BLI 224


Some important Questions of BLI 224: ICT FUNDAMENTALS


Some important Theory and Practical Questions of BLI-224: 



1. Describe the major components of a computer. 


2. Discuss the goals and objectives of convergence in the context of NEIS. 


3. Discuss the application modules in Libre Office. 


4. Explain the routing algorithm. 


5. Describe different types of messaging methods.


6. Explain the major components of a computer. 


7. Discuss the various DBMS architectures. 


8. Enumerate the different communication 

protocols. Describe Internet Protocol (IP).


9. Write any four major roles of an operating 

system (OS). How does Ubuntu OS differ from 

Windows OS ? 


10. Discuss any two of the following network 

topologies with suitable illustrations : 

(i) Mesh 

(ii) Ring 

(iii) Tree 


11. What is ODBMS ? How does it differ from 



12. Explain the architecture of a large scale 

Internet search engine.


13. Explain how digital signatures work. 


14. Discuss the architecture of search tools.


15. Ubuntu operating system 


16. Client server architecture 


17. Characteristics of data in a database 


18. Authoring software 


19. Bus topology 


20. Multimedia messaging 


21. POP/ IMAP email account 


22. Meta – search engines


23. Bar Code Reader


24. W : MAX 


25. Formatting Pages in Libre Office Writer 


26. Network Database Management Systems 


27. Multimedia Storyboard


28. Star Topology


29. File Transfer Protocol (FTP)


30. Electronic Text Messaging 


31. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) 


32. Meta Search Engines


33. What is XML ? Discuss the role of XML in 

organizing web. 


34. Scope of the following commands in Ubuntu : 

(i) chmod 

(ii) chown 

(iii) pwd 

(iv) alias 


34. Switch vs. Hub as communication device. 


35. Features of CALC in Libreoffice. 


36. Image formats in multimedia 


37. TCP/IP as communication protocol. 


38. IPv4 addressing system 


39. Truncated search 


40. ISDN

5 MARKS – 250 words
1. Explain the WAN switching methods.
2. Describe various features of Linux based operating system.
3. Describe different types of messaging methods.
4. Enumerate the different advantages of Networks. Explain in brief the classification of
5. What is Convergence? Explain Technology Convergence.
6. List the different types of searches. Explain any one in detail.
7. Discuss any two of the following network topologies with suitable illustrations :

(I) Mesh (ii) Ring (iii) Tree

8. What is RDBMS? Point out the measures that are required for security of a database.
9. What are web 2.0 services? How do they differ from web 1.0 services?
10. What is Analog Communication? How Digital 5 Communication is better than Analog

1. Web 2.0 services
2. ISO-OSI Layers
3. DBMS Languages
4. User Datagram Protocol
5. Web Widgets
6. TCP/IP Layers
7. IP Addressing(both type ipv4 and ipv6)
8. Features of Web 2.0 Applications
9. Switch vs. Hub as communication device.
10. Any 5 commands of Ubuntu OS

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