BLI 222 Solved Assignment 2021-22



Coverage: Course Code: BLI-222

Course: Information Sources and Services Assignment Code: AST/TMA/Jul.2021/Jan.2022

Blocks: 1 to 4

Units: 1 to 14 Total Marks: 70

Note: Answer all questions.

1) Answer the following questions in 700 words each. (4X10=40 Marks)

1) Discuss in detail non-documentary sources of information with suitable examples. (10)

2) Discuss the Categorisation of information sources as given by Subramanyam. (10)

3) Explain the importance of institutions as sources of information. Describe different

types of institutions. (10)

4) While analysing marketing opportunities, discuss the various factors that affect external

environment of an organisation? (10)

2) Answer the questions in 250 words each. (6X5=30 Marks)

1) Explain why there is a lack of unanimity in the categorisation of text books. (5)

2) What criteria will you adopt to evaluate a dictionary? (5)

3) Describe the importance of virtual reference service in present society. (5)

4) Explain how information generators and information compilers act as sources of information.(5)

5) What are the negative influences of the information generated by mass media? (5)

6) List the basic information literacy skills necessary for undergraduate and graduate students. (5)

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