Some important Questions of BLI 222

Some important Questions of BLI 222: INFORMATION SOURCES AND SERVICES

Some important questions of BLI-222 : INFORMATION SOURCES AND SERVICES

1. Discuss the Categorisation of information sources as given by Subramanyam. 


2. What do you understand by secondary 

periodicals ? Discuss its different types with 

suitable examples. 


3. Enumerate the various types of core informationprofessionals. Explain how information generators and information compilers act as sources of information. 


4. List the components of mass media. Explain with examples the kind of information generated by each of these components.


5. Define the term ‘virtual reference service’. What are the advantages and limitations of offering such a service in a library ? 


6. Define the concept of ‘user education. Describe the methods of conducting user education programmes in libraries. 


7. Explain why there is a lack of unanimity in the categorisation of text books. 


8. Explain the points to be covered in evaluating a reference book with regard to ‘format’. 


9. Discuss why ministries of government are 

regarded as the authentic sources of primary data and information. 


10. What are the negative influences of the 

information generated by mass media ? 


11. Highlight the emerging trends in database 



12. List the basic information literacy skills necessary for undergraduate and graduate students. 


13. Discuss the shift in the scope and methodology of conducting user studies in an electronic environment. 


14. Explain the concept of marketing mix in library and information centres. 


15. Discuss the importance of institutions as sources of information. Describe the activities of academic institutions and learned societies.  


16. Explain the need for literature search. Describe the steps of manual literature search services. 


17. What is information literacy ? Describe its 

various models. 


18. What do you understand by Web-based/ 

Internet-based library services ? Describe them 

in detail.


19. What criteria will you adopt to evaluate a 

dictionary ? 


20. Discuss the importance of standards as primary sources of information. 


21. What do you understand by ‘Technological 

Gatekeepers’ ? 


22. Discuss the negative influences of mass media. 


23. Differentiate between reference and information service. 


24. Describe the importance of virtual reference service in present society. 


25. Define information literacy and discuss its need. 


26. Define user studies and describe the steps 

involved in its planning.


27. Methods of User Education Programme 

28. Definition of Marketing 

29. 7Ps of Marketing 

30. Compiler of Information 

31. PubMed Central (PMC) 

32. Multi-lingual Dictionary 

33. Unpublished Sources 

34. Indexing Periodicals 


36. Document Delivery Service

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