IGNOU BLIS Gradecard 2024


IGNOU BLIS Gradecard 2024 Updated

IGNOU BLIS Gradecard

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IGNOU BLIS gradecard is a document that displays the details of a student’s academic performance in the course. The gradecard includes the following information:

1. Enrolment number and program name
2. Course code and name
3. Grade (including both theory and practical grades)
4. Credit points earned
5. Status of the course (completed, not completed, or re-registered)

To access your IGNOU BLIS gradecard, you can follow the below steps:

1. Enter your 9-digit enrollment number below 
2. Click on “Submit” and your BLIS gradecard will appear on your screen.

3.You can save and take a printout of the gradecard for future reference.

Where can i calculate BLIS Percentage?

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