Steps after BLIS Admission Confirmation

Last updated on November 24th, 2023 at 07:34 pm

Steps after BLIS Admission Confirmation

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What to do after confirmation of IGNOU BLIS admission, here are steps to be followed:-

1.  ID Card:  Download and print your ID card for official identification and will be required at the time of examinations. check IGNOU BLIS ID Card Download procedure

2.  Assignments:  Initiate your academic journey by working on assignments, write assignments and submit them at Study Centre, buy assignments here

3.  Internship:  Keep an eye out for internship notifications, complete the internship, and submit its report.

4.  Assignment Submission:  Submit your assignments as per the prescribed schedule.

5.  Examination Form:  Await the announcement of examination dates and promptly submit the examination form.

6.  Stay Informed:  Regularly check the official IGNOU site for crucial notifications and updates.

7.  Theory Exams:  Participate in the theory exams as scheduled,IGNOU is having June and December Session exams.

8.  Practical Exams:  Look out for practical exam details, typically conducted after the completion of theory exams.

9.  Results Await:  Patiently wait for the examination results.

10.  Group Discussions:  Actively engage in tutorials and online discussions for a richer learning experience.

11.  Library Resources:  Make optimal use of IGNOU’s library resources to supplement your studies.

12.  Continuous Assessment:  Stay vigilant about continuous assessment activities contributing to your final grades.

13.  Coordinator Communication:  Reach out to your course coordinator for assistance or clarification as needed.

14.  Viva Preparation:  If applicable, prepare for any viva voce or oral examinations.

16.  Official Channels:  Regularly check official IGNOU communication websites for any new information or announcements.

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