How to Submit MLIS BLIS CLIS Assignment?

Submit MLIS BLIS CLIS assignment

How to Submit IGNOU MLIS BLIS CLIS Assignments?

Submit MLIS BLIS CLIS assignment

Through Offline Mode

This is the usual way through which the students usually submit the assignments. The students have to finish answering the questions of the their program assignments and then submit them to the study center.

While preparing the MLIS BLIS or CLIS assignments, you should make sure that the very first page of the assignment should have all the necessary details.

  • The name of the student
  • Enrolment number
  • Program and Code code
  • Name, Code, and address of the study center where you are submitting the assignment
  • Mobile number and email address of the student

If you are submitting the assignments directly through offline mode, the person at the study center will offer you a receipt that you need to keep safe till the result is not declared.

Through Online Mode

For students who are not able to visit the study center to submit the assignments can also submit them online now by following any of these two methods. It is noted that both of the methods are subject to availability at the respective regional centre, many Regional Centre provide this option, check it will your respective regional centre

Google Form

The very first method is that of Google Forms. The students can visit the respective regional centre website portals of IGNOU and then submit the assignments if this option is available.

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