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Steps after IGNOU MLIS Admission Confirmation

mlis Grade card calculator

Steps after IGNOU MLIS Admission Confirmation

mlis Grade card calculator

To successfully complete the IGNOU MLIS Program , you need to follow all the steps mentioned below.

Steps to be followed
1.  Download Your ID:
Begin your IGNOU MLIS journey by securing your identification materials, ensuring you’re officially recognized within the program. You can check IGNOU MLIS ID Card Download here

2.  Dive into Assignments:
Immerse yourself in the coursework by diligently working on assignments, laying the foundation for a deep understanding of the subjects. You can purchase assignments here

3.  Make Synopsis:
Create the project proposal report, which is mandatory for completing MLIS Program. You can choose any topic related to library, to purchase from us click IGNOU MLIP2 Project Synopsis 2023

4.  Assignment Submission:
Take the next step by submitting your completed assignments at the designated study center, marking your progress in the academic voyage.

5.  Synopsis Approval:
Seek approval for your synopsis, you can send this synopses after signature of supervisor to the ignou email for approval

6. Create Project Report:
Upon obtaining synopsis approval,start developing a comprehensive Project Report, which is final submission, you can purchase a full report IGNOU MLIP002 Project Report 2023

7.  Stay Updated on Exams:
Keep a vigilant eye on the university website for exam-related announcements, ensuring you are well-prepared for the evaluation phases. There are two sessions June and December Sessions, you need to apply for these exams

8.  Internship Pursuit:
Actively look out for internship notifications, a valuable opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical setting.

9.  Internship Completion:
Successfully complete your internship and submit a reflective report, highlighting the practical experiences gained during this phase.

10.  Submit Project Report:
Submit your Project Report, representing the culmination of your academic endeavors in the MLIS program.

11.  Exam Form Submission:
Navigate the administrative aspects by filling out exam forms, a crucial step in preparing for the assessment phase.

13.  Practical Exam Anticipation:
Stay tuned to official channels for practical exam notifications, typically published after the theory exams.

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May your pursuit of knowledge within the IGNOU MLIS program be as enriching as it is fulfilling!

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